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The Future of Healthier Spaces: iAIR Institute’s Leading Research at AAAAI 2024

    The iAIR Institute, a pioneer in promoting healthy indoor environments, proudly unveiled two important leading research posters at the prestigious AAAAI 2024 Annual Meeting. These presentations highlight the institute’s dedication to scientific advancement and its mission to empower individuals and professionals in enhancing indoor air quality.

    The first poster, titled “Is there such a thing as Sensitive Airways-Friendly Fragranced Cleaning Products?” explored the intricate realm of fragrance compounds in cleaning products. iAIR Institute researchers are spearheading the development of assessment methods tailored to fragranced cleaning products, particularly for individuals with sensitive airways. This initiative seeks to provide scientifically verified options to consumers and the medical community, thereby contributing to improved indoor air quality.

    Continuing its commitment to advancing indoor air quality, the iAIR Institute presented its second poster titled “Guiding your patients on their Indoor Exposome.” This research offers a comprehensive examination of the indoor exposome, emphasizing the vital role of healthcare professionals in educating patients about the factors shaping their indoor environment. By empowering doctors to enlighten patients and recommending informed choices in air quality monitoring and air cleaning technologies, the iAIR Institute aims to foster healthier living spaces and enhance overall health outcomes.

    Dave Morrissey presents research at AAAAI

    The leading research posters at AAAAI were authored by Dr. Gráinne Cunniffe, Jennifer Whelan, Alannah Byrne, Dr. John Ryan, Dave Morrissey and Dr. John McKeon.

    “These posters underscore our dedication to scientific innovation and our mission to promote healthier indoor environments,” said Dr. John McKeon CEO and Founder of the iAIR Institute. “We believe that by empowering individuals and the medical community with knowledge and validated solutions, we can significantly improve indoor air quality and ultimately enhance public health.”

    “Our research on fragrance compounds in cleaning products and the indoor exposome offer concrete pathways towards healthier indoor environments, and so empowers individuals and healthcare professionals with actionable knowledge to create healthier indoor environments” 

    Gráinne Cunniffe, PhD., Principal Investigator with the iAIR Institute.

    The research posters presented at the conference garnered significant attention due to their high level of interest from attendees, sparking engaging discussions and inquiries. 

    The Institute wishes to express its gratitude to Enterprise Ireland for the funding support provided for their leading research at AAAAI.

    The iAIR Institute remains at the forefront of pioneering research and initiatives aimed at improving indoor air quality for all.

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