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The iAir Institute is looking to expand its community which include NGOs, manufactures, foundations, and governmental organizations that share our goal of understanding and improving individual and societal well-being through the healthiest possible indoor environment.

This forward-thinking community of leaders of industry, retailers, researchers and manufacturers sees the value in our core commitment to conducting rigorous research that enables new and deeper understandings on the impact of products, services and the indoor environment on public health outcomes.

Erik Malmstrom, Lawrence Sloan, Mary Filardo,
Dr. John McKeon, Mark Ames
Ensuring Healthy Spaces in K-12: A Briefing to Congress on Enhancing IAQ and Student Outcomes

The iAIR Institute is seeking to build a network of companies aiming to discover and understand new ways to positively impact the health of people through optimizing the indoor environment.

The network includes global leader companies across all sectors who support our pioneering research and further efforts to raise awareness on the impact of the indoor environment on health and wellness.

To learn more about supporting the iAIR Institute and engaging in research with us contact