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Insights from the Webinar “Air Quality 2.0 – Shaping IAQ now and Into the Future”

    Clockwise from top left: Bethany Uribe, Douglas Hoffman, Dr. John McKeon, Jeff Cross


    In a world where indoor spaces have become our sanctuaries, the quality of the air we breathe within them holds huge importance. This was the central focus of the recent webinar titled “Shaping IAQ now and Into the Future.” The event provided a thorough exploration into the pivotal role of indoor air quality (IAQ) in human health and well-being.

    We spend a staggering 80% of our time indoors, yet the air within our built environments is typically 4-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Such revelations underscore the urgent need for action and awareness regarding IAQ.

    One of the key takeaways was the profound impact of building materials and building maintenance on IAQ and the subsequent health outcomes. Architects, designers and facilities managers emerged as central figures in this narrative, wielding significant influence over material choices that can either enhance or detract from IAQ.

    The webinar emphasized that addressing IAQ requires a collaborative effort. Manufacturers, builders, architects, designers, and facilities managers all play integral roles in shaping the future of our built environments. It was made clear that no single individual can revolutionize the way we construct our homes; it demands collective action.

    The COVID-19 pandemic served as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of IAQ and highlighted the concerning issue of decades of building ‘tighter’ indoor environments. As homes became our primary shelters, the significance of proper ventilation, the use of air purifiers and cleaning practices came to the forefront.

    The webinar’s diverse panel of experts delved into the multifaceted nature of IAQ, tackling issues ranging from air filtration and ventilation to economics, legislation and climate change. It provided a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of monitoring and improving IAQ and underscored how prioritizing IAQ can yield benefits not only for health but also for business.

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