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iAIR Institute Hosts Enlightening Event on Indoor Air Quality at Daikin’s Sustainability and Innovation Center

    The iAIR Institute was delighted to organize a highly informative event on indoor air quality at Daikin’s esteemed Sustainability and Innovation Center in Washington DC. Dr. John McKeon, Principal of iAIR Group, spearheaded a enlightening discussion with Dr. Jerome Adams, former US Surgeon General and Distinguished Professor and Director of Health Equity at Perdue University.

    The event offered the opportunity to explore an array of topics concerning indoor air quality (IAQ), discussing the future of clean air and highlighting the latest advancements in IAQ technology and sustainability strategies. With experts from diverse sectors including industry, academia, healthcare, and government in attendance, it served as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and promoting healthier indoor environments.

    Dr. John McKeon and Dr. Jerome Adams

    Dr. McKeon expressed his pleasure in bringing together such a distinguished gathering, stating,

    “The importance of indoor air quality cannot be overstated, especially in today’s rapidly evolving environmental landscape. Our event aimed to shed light on innovative approaches and solutions to enhance IAQ, ultimately contributing to improved health and well-being for all.”

    Indoor Air Quality, Health Equity and the Economy

    During the discussion, Dr. Adams emphasized that businesses have the potential to become catalysts for positive change in their communities. He highlighted the interconnectedness between community health and economic prosperity, pointing out that unhealthy communities suffer from not only individual health issues but also from businesses with poor economic performance. Dr. Adams stressed that fostering a healthy population is crucial for maintaining a robust economy.

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    Attendees had the opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions, exchange insights, and forge valuable connections with like-minded professionals committed to advancing IAQ initiatives. From exploring cutting-edge technologies to discussing actionable strategies for sustainable indoor environments, the event provided a comprehensive platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

    The iAIR Institute extends its gratitude to Daikin for hosting the event at its prestigious Sustainability and Innovation Center, underscoring the shared commitment to driving progress in IAQ research and advocacy.

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