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iAIR Institute As A Bridge at EAACI Congress 2024

    Dr. John McKeon at EAACI 2024

    This past weekend, Dr John McKeon was in attendance at EAACI 2024 in his role with the iAIR Institute to complete the bridge across diverse industries and the medical community in advocating for healthier indoor air for all. The EAACI Congress is renowned as the world’s largest gathering of experts in allergy and clinical immunology and brings together global specialists to share the latest research.

    Highlighted Research at EAACI Congress 2024

    Bed Bug Research

    One such research abstract was presented by airmid healthgroup on bed bug testing- perfectly timed ahead of Bed Bug Awareness Week. Angela Southey, PhD, MPH, Chief Technical Officer with airmid, captivated a fascinated audience with her presentation of the research titled “Sleep Tight! – Bed Bug Testing of Bedding Encasements.”

    This standout submission addresses the growing concern of bed bug infestations in urban areas and emphasizes the need for effective, non-chemical preventative measures, which can adversely affect indoor air quality and human health. The research received enthusiastic acclaim from scientists and experts at the event. The intense interest in the study underlines the significance of the bed bug problem and the importance of continued research and innovation in this field.

    Research on Asthma and Climate Change

    Another presentation of note was by Dr. Sharmilee Nyenhuis, an Allergist and Immunologist who serves as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois Chicago and Chief of the Section of Allergy at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. She presented her poster, “Perceived Impact and Awareness of Climate Change among Climate-Vulnerable Adults with Asthma,” which was funded by the Amber Tringale Award. This award supports healthcare professionals from Ireland or the US in presenting scientific data at prestigious conferences and is from the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, a collaboration between Allergy Standards Ltd and and our patient advocacy group, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

    Dr. Nyenhuis’s study assesses the perceptions and awareness of extreme weather and air quality on asthma in an urban population using a mixed methods approach. With climate change exacerbating environmental conditions through increased pollution, extreme temperatures, severe weather, and prolonged pollen seasons, understanding patient perceptions is crucial for fostering behavior changes to mitigate these impacts on asthma.

    These two abstracts at the EAACI Congress highlight the diverse array of factors influencing indoor air quality, from effective bed bug prevention methods to the impacts of climate change on asthma. Together, they illustrate the multifaceted nature of indoor air quality and the importance of comprehensive strategies to ensure safe and healthy living spaces.

    Research Partners at EACCI Congress 2024

    The iAIR Institute offers a collaborative platform essential for cultivating innovation and fostering ideas so it was a pleasure to meet with research partners, colleagues and friends at the EAACI Congress. Our laboratory partners, InBio were in attendance and their scientists had numerous posters and talks throughout the event. InBio specializes in manufacturing highly purified proteins and immunoassays for research and diagnostics. Founded by Dr. Martin D. Chapman—formerly Professor of Medicine and Microbiology at the University of Virginia and a member of the UVA Asthma and Allergic Diseases Center—InBio combines deep academic expertise with practical, real-world experience.

    EAACI congress
    Dr. John McKeon, Dr. Martin D. Chapman, Hayley Mills, Dave Morrissey

    The iAir Institute is constantly expanding its network in its mission to improve indoor air quality. Forming a bridge between trade associations, manufactures, foundations, governmental organizations and other key opinion leaders is at the heart of its mission to improve individual and societal well-being through the healthiest possible indoor environment.

    To learn more about supporting the iAIR Institute and engaging in research with us, please contact us