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iAIR Celebrates Innovation and Collaboration

    Last week, the iAIR Institute had a busy schedule of collaboration in Washington DC, coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the remarkable milestone of 100 years of diplomatic relations between Ireland and the USA. 

    A significant highlight was our participation in the Enterprise Ireland lunch, where we were delighted to host a table and bring together our colleagues and friends from Daikin, the International WELL Building Institute, the Consumer Technology Association, American Air Filters, Gensler, Home Innovation Research Labs, Tarkett, Washington Core and Vogel Group. This gathering provided an excellent opportunity to convene stakeholders with a shared interest in advancing indoor environmental health.

    Bobby Cunningham, Kyioshi Nakasaka, Dave Morrissey, Jason Hartke, Dr. John McKeon, Catherine Pugh, Anuj Mistry, Sean O’Reilly, Tynica Stefun, Benjamin Holsinger and Zachary Mowers

    At the core of the iAIR Institute’s mission is the facilitation of idea exchange and collaboration to drive innovation. Our primary focus lies in reimagining the design and functionality of products, services, and indoor spaces to promote optimal health outcomes. Through practical, research-driven strategies, we strive to enhance the quality of indoor environments to benefit individuals’ wellbeing and our week in Washington DC was a wonderful celebration of this.