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Elevating Standards in Scientific Testing

    A visit from members of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to the cutting-edge facilities at Airmid Healthgroup (AHG) was a fascinating insight into the behind the scenes intricacies of the high-tech facility. AAFA, along with Allergy Standards Limited, runs the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program, a program that tests household products against strict standards so witnessing the operations at AHG shed light on the rigorous testing and evaluation processes integral to maintaining the program’s credibility.

    Specialized chamber at AHG

    The tour showcased the specialized testing chambers and laboratories. Utilized for assessing the effectiveness of portable air cleaners in eliminating allergens, viruses, and bacteria and boasting advanced technology to finely control air changes, temperature, and humidity, the chambers are equipped with HEPA filtered air supply and exhaust vents. This complies with ASHRAE 241 requirements for infectious particle testing and is customizable for specific client needs.

    One of the chambers hosts an automated vacuum test rig for asthma & allergy friendly® Certification, while another is optimized for VOC testing of air cleaners. The smallest walk-in chamber evaluates cabin air cleaner efficacy against airborne pollen.

    High-Tech Ventilation Systems at AHG

    comprehensive range of bed bug testing services are conducted in a specialised chamber under controlled conditions. The allergen lab houses a Modified Dust Trap setup and ELISA analysis for assessing bedding components’ barrier efficacy against various allergens, while the virology & microbiology lab handles viruses and bacteria in Class 2 Biosafety Cabinets.

    As regulations concerning indoor air quality continue to evolve, the demand for specialized laboratories is sure to increase significantly. Rising demand for third-party product testing means that these laboratories will become indispensable for ensuring compliance and safety.

    Initiatives such as ASHRAE 241 underscore the growing importance of stringent air quality standards, necessitating thorough evaluation of air cleaning technologies with specialized laboratories playing a crucial role in examining their mechanisms, performance, and safety profiles. Their expertise will be vital in guiding product development, regulatory compliance, and ultimately, safeguarding public health in indoor environments.