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Driving Innovation and Standards: Insights from Interclean Amsterdam

    Interclean Amsterdam stands as the premier trade show for cleaning and hygiene professionals, offering a comprehensive overview of innovative cleaning products and solutions from around the globe.

    Our team members, Ingo Weinhold and Richard Bromhead, participated in this inspirational event, which proved to be an excellent opportunity to connect with industry leaders and innovators. It was truly inspiring to engage with global cleaning and hygiene professionals and exhibitors from all over the world.

    Transformation in the Industry

    During his keynote, German Ramirez discussed the transformative period the cleaning industry is currently experiencing, highlighting the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change. Two central themes of this year’s Interclean were ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Healthcare and Hygiene,’ reflecting these critical areas of transformation.

    As the industry adapts to increasing regulatory demands for product testing and their effects on health and indoor environments, the importance of third-party testing is becoming ever more pronounced. This was evident from the numerous global cleaning and hygiene professionals our team interacted with, all eager to pursue certification and testing to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

    IAQS at Interclean

    Ingo Weinhold and Richard Bromhead had the privilege of attending an engaging interactive session with our colleagues Daniel Bonn and Jon Green of the Indoor Air Quality Society (IAQS).

    IAQS is a not-for-profit association, which aims to use the knowledge and momentum generated by its network to raise awareness of the wide range of human health issues directed related to compromised indoor air. Its members include professionals from various industries, including architecture, engineering, and healthcare. By collaborating with IAQS, we can leverage their knowledge and expertise to educate the public on the importance of indoor air quality and provide resources to help people create healthier indoor environments.

    At Interclean, the discussion by IAQS covered various topics concerning the impact of cleaning on indoor air quality, from how to measure this impact to the optimal solutions available.  During the presentation, Daniel surprised the audience with a live demonstration featuring various cleaning products. After using them, he measured the increased presence of VOCs in the air using a particle counter. The impact was profound, particularly with everyday items like wet wipes. 

    Reconnecting with our IAQS colleagues was a pleasure, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts throughout the year.