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Cutting-Edge Research from iAIR at the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting

    The iAIR Institute was delighted to actively participate in the Annual Scientific Meeting 2023 of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). The Institute’s Principal and CEO, Dr. John McKeon, presented ground-breaking research titled “A Breath of Fresh Information on Air Cleaning Technology,” which was selected for inclusion in ACAAI’s official press kit for the event.

    The study, authored by Dr. Gráinne Cunniffe, Jennifer Whelan, Alannah Byrne, Dr. John Ryan, Dr. Keri Lestage, and Dr. John McKeon, delved into the latest advancements in air cleaning technology, exploring the mechanism of function, performance and safety profile, and emerging research and future potential of the various approaches. The research’s key findings highlight the significant role air cleaners can play in enhancing IAQ, in combination with source control measures and adequate ventilation.

    Dr. Cunniffe, the lead author of the study, emphasized the importance of their findings, stating

     “HEPA filters remain most effective in removing airborne particles, including allergens and fine particulate matter. Additionally, activated carbon filters were found to be highly effective in removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors. UV-based technology can be effective when used in filtered HVAC systems.”

    The study’s recognition by ACAAI as part of their press kit underscores its significance in the field of allergology, asthma, and immunology. The iAIR Institute is proud to have its work highlighted at this prestigious event, emphasizing the Institute’s commitment to advancing and disseminating research, improving public policy and promoting the importance of healthier indoor environments for all.


    Dr. John McKeon Presents Study at ACAAI

    The iAIR Institute’s research garnered significant interest and acclaim at the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting 2023. Attendees expressed enthusiasm for the study’s potential to enhance the medical community’s understanding of IAQ and provide valuable guidance for their patients.

    Dr. John McKeon, CEO and Principal of the iAIR Institute, commented,

    “Our participation in the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting reaffirms our dedication to improving indoor air quality and supporting the healthcare community in their efforts to provide expert advice to patients. We encourage healthcare professionals to consider third-party tested air cleaning devices that are performance validated and, ideally, certified to relevant standards.”

    The field of air cleaning technology is experiencing huge growth and evolving rapidly with research developments. Approaches such as electrostatic precipitation, photocatalytic oxidation and plasma-based air cleaning all demonstrate huge potential and are likely to positively impact IAQ across both residential and shared buildings in the future. The iAIR Institute looks forward to continued collaboration with fellow experts and researchers and remains dedicated to improving IAQ for the benefit of public health. 

    For more information about the study and the iAIR Institute’s contributions to IAQ research, please contact us