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With your support, we have the potential to advance breakthrough ideas that can improve lives and wellness in the US and around the world through optimising the indoor environment.


Membership Summary

As a valued member of our institute, you will join a dynamic community committed to promoting healthier indoor environments.
Benefit from impactful research, policy development, extensive networking opportunities, and elevate your reputation in indoor air quality within your industry.

For the iAIR Institute, Vogel Group serves as the 501(c)6 organization’s strategic counsel, leading government affairs support in responding to, managing, and capitalizing on legislative and regulatory risk and opportunities with respect to indoor air quality. Vogel Group will work hand-in-hand with the association and its members to raise the organization’s profile, create the association’s policy and public affairs strategy, management outreach to policymakers and regulators, comply with the necessary legal requirements, identify engagement and funding opportunities to facilitate efforts to provide added value to members and promote the mission of the iAIR Institute.

To learn more, please contact Deanna Archuleta, Principal at the Vogel Group, and Bobby Cunningham, Director at the Vogel Group, who are managing the advocacy efforts for the iAIR Institute.