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Bridging the Gap for Healthier Indoor Air

    The Important Role of Communication between medical scientists and building specialists

    Dr. John McKeon bridges the gap between the medical community and built environment

    Annual Scientific Meeting of the of ACAAI

    In California at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), Dr John McKeon presented the iAIR Institute‘s recent cutting edge research on air cleaning technology. The study titled “A Breath of Fresh Information on Air Cleaning Technology”, which was selected for inclusion in ACAAI’s official press kit for the event, was authored by Dr. Gráinne CunniffeJennifer WhelanAlannah ByrneDr John RyanKeri Lestage, PhD, PMP and Dr. John McKeon. The research’s key findings highlight the significant role air cleaners have for healthier indoor air, in combination with source control measures and adequate ventilation. 

    The study’s recognition by ACAAI as part of their press kit underscores its significance in the field of allergy, asthma, and immunology. The iAIR Institute was proud to have its work highlighted at this prestigious event, emphasizing the Institute’s commitment to advancing and disseminating research, improving public policy and promoting the importance of healthier indoor environments for all.

    But the audience at ACAAI was predominantly medical specialists in the field of asthma, allergy and immunology. The research was well received and well understood. But how does this information get delivered in a timely and transparent way to where it matters – those involved in the designing, building, outfitting and maintenance of the built environment?

    Communication between medical scientists and building specialists

    Communication of medical research to those in the building community is a key step on the road to healthier indoor environments for all. New academic findings need to be translated into practical, trusted solutions readily available to those responsible for every step involved in creating the indoor environment, and ultimately healthier indoor air.

    ISSA Show North America

    At the ISSA Show in Las Vegas this month the impetus for change was palpable – those involved in facilities management have absolutely embraced the need to clean for health rather than for appearance. Now they are seeking ways to do this.

    Dr. John McKeon’s participation at ISSA 2023 completed the bridge necessary to span the knowledge gap between the medical show at ACAAI and the ISSA Show for facilities management. HIs presentation at ISSA outlined the medical reasons why and the practical how to clean for health rather than for appearance -thereby making the crucial step of communication between the medical scientists and the building specialists for healthier indoor air for all.