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Bespoke consumer sentiment and landscape analysis on indoor air quality

iAir has partnered with Ammunition to conduct research to better understand your target audience in the indoor air quality (IAQ) category.

This research could be applied to inform your brand’s messaging, creative development, targeting, media, and advocacy initiatives.

Additionally, this iAir Institute research could be utilized to help you deliver significantly more value for your key stakeholders and sponsors, as consumer research in this area has been limited.

Business Objectives

Identify and articulate end-user personas for your brand.

Market Research Outcomes

The study increased the brand’s understanding of their end users’ behaviors, attitudes, concerns, expectations, definitions, and reasons why, focusing on

  • Their perception of their home – In a post-pandemic world, how do they perceive their home? How do people live there? What are their expectations? Is home still a sanctuary?
  • Sensitivities around IAQ, especially post-pandemic (going back to normal or defining a new normal) for end users who have asthma, respiratory disease, pets, babies, seniors who are aging in place, etc.
  • Sustainable / eco-friendly lifestyle – What is the end users’ willingness to invest in sustainability?
  • Definitions for “healthy”, “comfortable”, “sustainable”
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) – Is this shifting from a nice-to-have to a necessity? Why? How do they see / monitor IAQ? What is their savviness? How do they stay abreast on this?

Research Group Leader

David Bernardino

Research Group Team

airmid healthgroup
Dr John Ryan
iAIR Institute
Dr John McKeon
iAIR Institute
Dave Morrissey

Examples of Expected Deliverables

Segmentation Map

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