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ASHRAE Seminar with iAIR Principal

    Challenges of Defining an IEQ Metric(s) for Development of an IEQ Standard

    ASHRAE seminar

    Join us for a pivotal seminar hosted by ASHRAE on the emerging challenges in developing an Indoor Environmental Quality Standard. iAIR Institute Principal Dr. John McKeon is delighted to be taking part in this exciting ASHRAE seminar chaired by Dr Charlene Bayer.

    ASHRAE’s strategic plan has highlighted the critical need for an IEQ standard that holistically addresses indoor air quality, thermal environment, light, sound, and vibration. While Guideline 10 has laid the groundwork, a robust metric for measuring the success of these standards is notably absent.

    This ASHRAE seminar will delve into the complexities of defining such metrics, focusing on their potential to sustain and enhance the health of building occupants. Should these metrics be health-based? Join us as we explore this question and more, bringing together experts in the field to pave the way for a healthier and more sustainable built environment.

    Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how to interpret health-based metrics in the context of IEQ and learn about innovative approaches to mitigate the effects of poor indoor environments on human health.

    ASHRAE Seminar:
    πŸ“’ Seminar 14: Challenges of Defining an IEQ Metric(s) for Development of an IEQ Standard
    πŸ“… Sunday, June 23
    πŸ•œ 1.30 PM – 3.00 PM EDT

    Pawel Wargocki will present an overview of the performance rating scheme TAIL which is based on twelve parameters which characterize thermal, air quality, acoustic and luminous environments.

    Dr. McKeon will explore the complexities and potential of utilizing health-based metrics for assessing IEQ. This talk will cover the intricacies of individual variability and confounding factors that challenge the direct measurement of IEQ impacts on health.

    As a member of the ASHRAE Environmental Committee, Dr. John McKeon is perfectly positioned to provide insights into the latest research and standards development in the field. His extensive experience in both clinical and environmental health allows him to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications, ensuring that the metrics used are both scientifically robust and applicable in real-world scenarios.

    Donald Weekes will speak to the IH approach (anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control) and how they can be utilized for an IAQ assessment, and how they may lead to an IEQ standard.

    We’re excited to explore these cutting-edge approaches to measuring IEQ through health-based metrics with you. Join us for this ASHRAE seminar full of insightful discussions and valuable networking. Hope to see you at the seminar!