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Our Story

Welcome to the iAIR Institute, a pioneering 501(c) think tank in Washington DC dedicated to promoting healthy buildings. Through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking research initiatives, we illuminate critical issues surrounding consumer practices, labeling, and product development. Our mission is to empower businesses, trade organizations, governments, and stakeholders with cutting-edge technical solutions and knowledge, specifically aimed at enhancing the quality of the indoor environment.

At the iAIR Institute, we offer a collaborative platform essential for cultivating innovation and fostering revolutionary ideas. Our focus lies in transforming the way products, services, and indoor environments are conceptualized, created, and presented to optimize their impact on health.

We invite you to become a part of our innovation community, collaborating alongside visionary companies and stakeholders. Together, we leverage our rigorous scientific research and employ design thinking tools to propel advancements in the health impact of products, services, and indoor spaces. Join us in shaping a healthier future by embracing innovation and leveraging our expertise for the betterment of indoor environments worldwide.

Board Members

Bobby Cunningham

Dr John Ryan

Peter G Ledbetter

Expert Advisors

Jennifer Marks

Dr John McKeon

Dr John McKeon

Patricia Olinger

Our Mission

To help the world create the healthiest possible indoor environments through science, education, and collaborative research.

Our Vision

The iAIR Institute vision is to improve lives through products, processes and services that have a positive impact on the indoor environment.

“A great societal shift will occur when communities come together and meet corporate supporters with a common aim of innovative solutions for healthier materials and healthier indoor environments.”
Dr. JGK McKeon