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Our Story

The iAIR Institute brings attention to issues related to consumer practices, labelling and product development through partnerships and research initiatives that empower businesses, trade organisations, governments and other stakeholders with technical solutions and knowledge targeted at improving the indoor environment.

The Institute provides a collaborative platform required to foster innovation and breakthrough thinking for the way products, services and the indoor environment are designed, made and marketed to optimise the health impact of the indoor environment.

We want you to join our innovation community and collaborate with other visionary companies & stakeholders who are utilising our rigorous scientific research and design thinking tools, to advance the health impact of products, services and the indoor environment.

Our Story

Board Members

Dr John McKeon

Jennifer Marks

Dr John Ryan

Susan Goldsmith

Peter G Ledbetter

Our Mission

To help the world create the healthiest possible indoor environments through science, education, and collaborative research.

Our Vision

The iAIR Institute vision is to improve lives through products, processes and services that have a positive impact on the indoor environment.

“A great societal shift will occur when communities come together and meet corporate supporters with a common aim of innovative solutions for healthier materials and healthier indoor environments.”
Dr. JGK McKeon