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The indoor Air Innovation & Research (iAIR) Institute

Where CleanTech meets HealthTech

The indoor Air Innovation & Research (iAIR) Institute is the leading 501(c)6 trade association galvanizing leaders in Consumer Products & Appliances, Manufacturing, Retail, Schools, Energy & Health, to advocate for policies to promote and enhance indoor air quality across the globe.

The Institute brings attention to issues related to consumer practices, labelling and product development through partnerships and research initiatives that empower businesses, trade organizations, governments and other stakeholders with technical solutions and knowledge targeted at improving public policy related to the indoor environment.

Through our corporate and nonprofit ecosystem, the Institute aims to identify and support key innovators to implement solutions that promote healthy indoor spaces by empowering people and delivering meaningful solutions.

The Institute provides a collaborative platform required to foster innovation and breakthrough thinking for the way products, services and the indoor environment are designed, made and marketed to optimize the health of the indoor environment.

Why We Do What We Do

  • The air we breathe is the single most important external factor governing our health today.
  • We breathe 2 gallons of air per minute, that’s 3400 gallons of air each day.
  • Air pollution takes away 1-2 years of life and causes 6.5 million deaths each year.
  • In America, the total medical cost of asthma is $82MM, that’s $3,266 per person.

Burden of Disease

6.7 Million

deaths each year from exposure to ambient and household air pollution

Household Exposure

2.4 Billion

primarily rely on polluting fuels and technologies for cooking

Ambient Exposure


of the world’s population live in places where air pollution levels exceed WHO guideline limits

Public Policy and Advocacy: Goals and Objectives

Public Policy and Advocacy: Goals

  • Unify the various corporate and nonprofit stakeholders who prioritize indoor air quality IAQ) through the establishment of a trade association: the iAIR Institute
  • Ensure that IAQ is a year-round priority for policymakers and regulators, factoring in as a key consideration for related legislative and regulatory action
  • Public Policy for innovative product development across Consumer Products & Appliances, Manufacturing, Retail, Schools, Energy & Health must focus on IAQ

Public Policy and Advocacy: Objectives

  • Monitoring, tracking and crafting legislation, regulations, and grants
  • Outreach, events and public awareness to highlight member research initiatives
  • Inter-association business development and educational webinar opportunities
  • Establishing Federal Champions & the Congressional Indoor Air Quality Caucus

For the iAIR Institute, Vogel Group serves as the 501(c)6 organization’s strategic counsel, leading government affairs support in responding to, managing, and capitalizing on legislative and regulatory risk and opportunities with respect to indoor air quality. Vogel Group will work hand-in-hand with the association and its members to raise the organization’s profile, create the association’s policy and public affairs strategy, management outreach to policymakers and regulators, comply with the necessary legal requirements, identify engagement and funding opportunities to facilitate efforts to provide added value to members and promote the mission of the iAIR Institute.

To join the iAIR Institute, please contact Bobby Cunningham