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The indoor Air Innovation & Research (iAIR) Institute

Where #CleanTech meets #HealthTech

The indoor Air Innovation & Research (iAIR) Institute is a leading 501(c)(6) trade association galvanizing leaders in consumer products, building materials and technology services to promote and enhance indoor air quality in homes, commercial buildings and schools.

As we witness a growing commitment to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) from the White House to the CDC, ASHRAE, and a range of leading organizations in the field of Healthier Buildings, CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability, it is clear that IAQ is at the forefront of global change.

The time is now to unite in support of better indoor air quality, and we believe that your expertise and industry insight can be a significant driving force behind our mission.

The significance of IAQ has never been more pronounced than in recent times, especially in the light of recent global events.

The quality of the air we breathe within our homes, schools and workplaces is directly linked to public health outcomes.

2000 Gallons

We breathe over 2,000 gallons of air each day, enough to fill up an average sized swimming pool.

7 Million Deaths

Air pollution takes away 1-2 years off life and causes 7 million deaths globally each year. (WHO)

$50 Billion

The yearly cost of asthma in the United States is estimated to be $50 billion. (CDC)

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